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Safe Money in Texas

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How Do You Grow Your Wealth Safely?

You keep an open-mind and follow the Safe Money framework to do 3 things:

Achieve freedom, Achieve control, and Achieve independence…

I’m talking, specifically, about freedom from excessive taxation, freedom from banks and lenders, freedom from fear of losing your money in market crashes, and ultimately getting a crystal clear picture of when you will be 100 percent financially independent.

Click on the picture above to watch a 30 minute video and learn the basic framework necessary to create wealth you can count on. Then click the button above or give me a call at 972-768-3895 to request your FREE copy of the Safe Money Millionaire book and agree to a complementary 20 minute phone conversation to see if this strategy is a fit for you.

Does any of that resonate with you? If so, then this process could be for you. It’s not for everyone. If you love the stock market roller coaster and trust Wall Street and Washington with all of your money, then this is NOT for you.

Yet, if you want to gain control of your money, grow your wealth a safer way, and gain independence, then you should continue reading.

The Safe Money Framework

If you decide to implement the Safe Money in Texas strategies, you’ll need to know the steps of our framework:

  • Get Your House In Order
  • Build on Safe Money Foundation
  • Amplify Your Wealth
  • Multiply Your Wealth

You can read more about the framework in the first chapter of the book, Safe Money Millionaire. I encourage you to read through the entire book to get a better grasp of Wall Street’s mind viruses, and what they want you to believe. When I first discovered the status quo was broken, it really caused me to question most of the messages coming from Wall Street. In the book, the author shares with you many of the discoveries I’ve made.

In the book, he also covers how to beat the four Enemies of Wealth:

  1. Excessive Taxation
  2. Stock Market Loss
  3. Interest Vampire
  4. Silent Killer: Inflation

They must all be defeated because any one of these can destroy your wealth unless you have a solid plan of attack to overcome them. In the Safe Money process you’ll learn how to diversify your risk to protect yourself from ALL the Enemies of Wealth. 

As you look at each one, you may not realize how they can dramatically reduce or destroy your money. Over time, however, taxes could be the number one destroyer of wealth if you are not truly prepared.

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For example, ask yourself this question: Do you think it’s important to be diversified? Most people would answer “yes” because that is what we have been taught. Yet, how is your money diversified when it comes to taxes? Do you have all of your money in taxable accounts so that in retirement you could potentially be hit with a tax time-bomb? Is all or the majority of your money in 401(k)s, IRAs, or other qualified programs? If so, you may want to really consider how well prepared you are for potential tax hikes in the future.

Taxes are just one of the “enemies” we cover in the Safe Money process. You can learn how to, potentially, bullet proof yourself from all four with the proper education and plan. To help you get started, if you live in Texas I will give you a FREE copy of Inc. Magazine’s best-selling book Safe Money Millionaire.  

It's easy to read and is only 130 pages long. All I ask is that you read it right away and agree for us to connect over the phone within 7 to 10 days of your request for the book, for around 20 minutes. The purpose of that conversation is to answer your questions, help you determine if this strategy would be a good fit for you, and see if you qualify. 


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